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Blogging as a marketing and SEO tool

Blogging as a marketing and SEO tool

Blogging is nothing new and neither is companies using blogs as promotional tools. Here at HitSearch we set up and manage blog for many of the our clients in a wide range of sectors. These can be official on-site affairs or off-site ones hoast by excellent systems like Wordpress and Blogger. It is a an invaluable marketing tool and invariably works as a superb foil to traditional marketing efforts.

One of the primary adventages it brings is that by it's nature it is a broadcast medium that the customer has total control over. It can be used as much or as little as required and it is totally at the use's disposal.

Should the blog be on-site it acts as a great souce of extra content for the site. If the posts are relevant to the organisation's main niche then this copy will be naturally fresh and keyword rich. This cannot help but have a benefit to the site and the company in general.

Off-site blogs offer advantages of their own. By their nature they exist outside the sphere on the main corporate site and so can be free to cover a wider array of topics and be a ideal way to engage with the public in a semi-official way. This opens up avenues of discussion that would not ordinarilly be available on an official corporate website whilst still retaining control of which content that goes online.

Key to the success of this corporate blogging is keeping a regular flow of content. This may require getting a team of staff members with access to all add their posts or even a dedicated copywriter to keep the content flowing.

The nature of the blogging systems employed means that with minimal effort, technical knowledge and man-hours the blog will build up with page after page of content that will be presented in a format that's accessible to both interested users and the search engines. The latter or these is, in a way, just as important as the former because it means that the site will gradually build up and become an authoritative resource for the sector in question. Whether on-site or off-site this will be an extremely useful corporate resource.

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