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Firefox reaches the one billion downloads mark

Firefox reaches the one billion downloads mark

It has been announced this weekend that Mozilla Firefox has clocked up it's one billionth download.

Last year, the foundation set a new Guinness world record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours when the third version of Firefox was downloaded more than eight million times in a single day.

The 1,000,000,000 figure includes every version of Firefox released since 2004 plus single users downloading multiple copies for different computers. The foundation plans to launch a new website, OneBillionPlusYou.com, to commemorate this milestone.

Mozilla itself estimates that there are 300 million active Firefox users. This figure is up a massive 125 million user just a year earlier.

Mitchell Baker, Chair of the Mozilla Foundation, commented on her official blog "Today we crossed the billion download mark for Firefox. That’s an astonishing number. It reflects both the popularity of Firefox and the enormous growth of the web. The latter - the growth of the Internet - is not so surprising. The Internet is a fundamental tool for human interaction, it will grow for a while yet. The Firefox number is something else. Born of the impossible, coming into existence because it had to be, from a small band of seemingly outdated browser-centric dreamers to hundreds of millions of people."

It's a significant milestone for Mozilla and underlines it's place as the second most popular browser after Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Firefox now has nearly one third of the browser market worldwide, at 31%. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still dominates the field with around 60%, whilst Google's Chrome, Apple's Safari and Opera are all less than 5%. Firefox has a legitimate claim to being the internet's browser of choice given that so many of the Internet Explorer usage will be from computers where IE was pre-installed.

Mozilla has a Twitter account dedicated to the download counter stating they have 1,003,952,642 downloads as at 12:57 on 2009-08-09.

Plus the onebillionplusyou site has handy billion related trivia snippets such as "One billion stacked coins would reach nearly 1,000 miles high.", "One billion centimeters is approximately the distance from Chicago to Tokyo.", "One billion seconds is roughly 31.7 years.", "One billion kilograms is equal to the weight of 250,000 elephants." and the slightly oblique "A bowl big enough to fit one billion goldfish would be as big as a stadium".

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