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Bing allows Microsoft to make further gains on Google

Bing allows Microsoft to make further gains on Google

Latest figures from the internet monitoring company StatCounter show Bing having a 9.41% share of the US search market in July. This is up from 8.23% in June. Google saw its share drop to 77.5% from 78.5% the previous month.

The figures come in the aftermath of Microsoft's recently deal with Yahoo! that will mean Bing will end up being the underlying system behind Yahoo!'s search services.

Combined Microsoft and Yahoo! have 20.36% of the search market and so are still a long way from challenging Google's dominance.

Globally Google's position is much stronger. Its share of the search market fell slightly last month, but it only slipped less than a single percantage point from 89.8% in June to 89.23% in July. Microsoft and Yahoo combined had just 8.77% of the global search market. This figure is actually down from 8.45% in June.

StatCounter Chief Executive Adohan Cullen told Reuters "At first sight, a 1 percent increase in market share does not appear to be a huge return on the investment Microsoft has made in Bing but the underlying trend appears positive."

It would seem that in the US at least the overall effect of Microsoft's hugely expensive re-launch has been cautiously positive especially considering the recently announced deal with Yahoo!

The markets will, however, wait until a longer trend more widespread can be ascertained.

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