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Liverpool Top Premiership Twitter League

Liverpool Top Premiership Twitter League

They may have all but blown their Premiership title hopes on the pitch, but Liverpool have topped at least one table - the Twitter Premier League.

The Merseyside club's official page on the social networking site has over 55,000 followers, more than twice as many as their bitter rivals Manchester United, who sit in second place with around 22,000 followers.

The "Twitter Premier League" was compiled by online marketing specialists HitSearch, and is proving to be an almost-accurate reflection of the real life Premiership table. The top four places in the Twitter league are currently occupied by the Premiership "big four".

Arsenal are third in the Twitter league with around 17,000 followers, with Chelsea just behind them in fourth with over 14,000 followers.

Manchester City are thought by many to be the team most likely to break the big four's stronghold on the Premiership due to their unlimited riches, and their rising is reflected in their fifth place standing in the Twitter League, with just under 8-and-a-half thousand followers.

Next are Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur, two teams consistently challenging for top six places on the pitch. Villa are the more popular team on Twitter with over 4,300 followers, but Tottenham are only a few hundred followers behind them with just under 4,000.

At the other end of the table, there are four Premiership clubs who are falling behind in the social networking stakes. Bolton, Hull, Portsmouth and Premiership debutants Burnley all lack an official Twitter page. Of the two other newly promoted clubs, Wolves are well ahead of their regional rivals Birmingham City, with over 1,200 followers compared to Birmingham's paltry 374.

HitSearch director Andrew Redfern commented: "Recent research suggests that 19% of Internet users now use Twitter to share updates about themselves and by Twitter's own admission expects to have over 100 million by the end of 2010."

"In new marketing mediums it is the early adopting brands that benefit most and its clear that certain football clubs will be pushing for the Premiership Twitter League whilst others will be struggling from Twitter relegation!"

The full list, including Twitter usernames and number of followers as of 05/11/2009; The Premiership Twitter League will be updated on a monthly basis.

(1) Liverpool (LFCTV) - 55,183
(2) Manchester United (MUFootballClub) - 22,320
(3) Arsenal (ArsenalDotCom) - 17,658
(4) Chelsea (CFCNEWS) - 14,277
(5) Manchester City (MCFC) - 8,494
(6) Aston Villa (astonvilla) - 4,376
(7) Tottenham Hotspur (thfc) - 3,974
(8) West Ham United (whufc) - 2,290
(9) Everton (YourEverton) - 2,093
(10) Fulham (FulhamFC) - 1,985
(11) Sunderland (SAFCofficial) - 1,622
(12) Stoke City (OfficialSCFC) - 1,359
(13) Wolverhampton Wanderers (OfficialWolves) - 1,237
(14) Blackburn Rovers (OneRovers) - 1,055
(15) Wigan Athletic (LaticsOfficial) - 602
(16) Birmingham City (Official_BCFC) - 374
(17) Bolton Wanderers - n/a
(18) Burnley - n/a
(19) Hull City - n/a
(20) Portsmouth - n/a

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