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Google "Analytics In A Box" Hits The Market

Google "Analytics In A Box" Hits The Market

Jeff Gillis on the official Google Analytics Blog announced a new product collaboration with Coradiant, the web application performance management company , which will sit server-side and collect much more accurate information on in-house Web Applications.

Jeff Explains "Urchin analytics software has a long tradition of integrating with other software/hardware platforms, and today we are pleased to announce the latest such collaboration: Coradiant's new Analytics In A Box (AIB). AIB is an appliance that sits behind your firewall, passively collecting web traffic data via a packet-sniffing technique.

This gives you the option of reducing your reliance on page tags, as Coradiant's system collects traffic data in an independent way. Log file headaches are also gone for good, which will be music to the ears of any sysadmin!

AIB uses a modified version of Urchin 6, in conjunction with Coradiant's complementary technologies to give you new ways to look at both your web traffic AND the performance of your site/server.

From Coradiant's press release:"Analytics In A Box provides a comprehensive view into customer Web site interaction, and insights into online conversion outcomes.

Analytics capabilities are substantially enhanced through access to a richer data model and customisable reporting solutions. A complete set of dashboards for executive consumption, as well as access to granular data allows deeper insights into marketing optimisations, site performance, content optimisation, conversion behaviour and navigational analysis."

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