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2009 Predictions Reviewed – Video Search Predictions

2009 Predictions Reviewed – Video Search Predictions

Its that time of year again (were did 2009 go?); for marketing teams to review just how accurate their predictions for 2009 had been. This post will focus on tour predictions for the Video Search market place - which has seen rapid growth throughout 2009.

HitSearch 2009 Video Search Predictions - Blinkx to raise its profile with high profile partnerships; will gain more market share ion the video search market

Prediction Correct - Blinkx went partner crazy in 2009 adding an astonishing 140 partners in a six month spell which brings the total partnership total to over 650. These partnerships have rockets Blinkx to the fore of the video search marketplace and saw its video streams in the UK and US grew by 177%.

As a result its meant that Blinkx moved into the all-important Nielsen’s Top 10 Video Sites along with Video Engine heavy weights of YouTube, Hulu, and Yahoo!

Blinkx in fact recently partnered with WWF to bring users viewers footage from the Copenhagen climate summit and also with large volume players including NBC Digital Media, the Meredith Corporation and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

These partnerships along with the Blinkx ad platform (AdHoc) meant that gross profits were up 88% to $8.5m from the first half of 2009. Its unique Ad Platform also was a finalist in the Search Engine Watch Awards; providing all-in a good year for Blinkx.

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