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No Shame Link Spamming On Search Engine Watch

No Shame Link Spamming On Search Engine Watch

Tis the season of goodwill to all (except spammers) - however a recent post on Search Engine Watch really gave me a belly laugh this morning.

An excellent article written by Ron Jones CEO of Symetri on Search Engine Watch was focusing on how you can build links ethically by adding value to other sites and the focus was always on quality. Some of the sections included excellent copy on - including.....

    Links from Public Relations Activities
    Contextual Link Building
    Local Organizations
    Help A Nonprofit Organization
    Provide Something of Value

Again the focus on the article is on quality, quality and quality.

However, minutes after the release, without a hint of irony, the first comment back on the search engine watch site was comment from a spammer promoting one of his sites. Quick fire comedy or link spamming naughtiness? You decide

Spam Search Engine Watch

Ron's insightful article entitled "Link Building Tactics 101, Part 1 - Search Engine Watch (SEW)" can be found here http://bit.ly/6pHVd7

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