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SEO predictions for 2010

SEO predictions for 2010

As 2009 draws to a close, marketing companies across the country will be looking into their crystal balls, and making some bold predictions about what’s in store for the industry in the next 12 months.

It's no different here at HitSearch. We have come up with our own predictions for the world of SEO in 2010; why not give them a read and tell us what you think. Whether you agree with our predictions, or you have any suggestions of your own; your feedback is, as always, appreciated.

SEO predictions for 2010

Overall the British economy will see a slow and steady growth, which will be totally outpaced by all businesses with a digital agenda.

Measurement and tracking will be key to all things digital this year; search quantification will move into mainstream offline factors - telephones, footfall, and also fluffier aspects such as the building of the brand.

RIO on will still be king in 2010 for all forms of Search Marketing - and so it should be!

Online advertising spend will grow by more than 9 per cent in 2010, while Search Marketing itself will double its digital growth - with SEO being the dominant driver.

Microsoft's Bing search engine will continue its steady rise, and will obtain some of the market share (albeit small) from both Google and Yahoo. Bing will also continue to produce yet more exciting developments with its mapping services for example, and it will look into greater integration into its main search listing results.

Yahoo will look into branching out into developing nations with fast growing Internet populations, in order to try and claw back some of its worldwide market share. There will be greater exposure in South America and Asia in particular. Developing income quickly from these new areas will be crucial for Yahoo.

Facebook and Twitter will have better search-based technologies, but neither will become a serious challenger to Google.
Flickr and Yahoo Answers will continue to be the big winners in the Yahoo portfolio.

A large Chinese company will purchase a well known tech-based company - signalling a rise in China’s influence within the industry in 2010.

More businesses will launch claiming to clean your online identity

More and more companies will look to the Internet for storing their data and running applications, rather than via the traditional desktop.

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