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PPC predictions for 2010

PPC predictions for 2010

As 2009 draws to a close, marketing companies across the country will be looking into their crystal balls, and making some bold predictions about what’s in store for the industry in the next 12 months.

It's no different here at HitSearch. We have come up with our own predictions for the world of PPC in 2010; why not give them a read and tell us what you think. Whether you agree with our predictions, or you have any suggestions of your own; your feedback is, as always, appreciated.

PPC predictions for 2010

Paid search cost-per-click prices will rise on all engines and more focus on on-page quality from the big three.

Other players will enter the PPC marketplace (Twitter, Reddit, NYT) but wont be suitable for all campaiagns or locations.

Google are becoming partically choosey by whom it classes as "Partners" expect the Adwords and Analytics qualification standrads to rise and potential Google disassociating companies that are carrying out bad pratice.

First / Last click wins will be including in many digital marketing meeting as clients try to understand the evermore complex relationship between customer and the journey that undertake for a sale.

The Yahoo/Microsoft advertising deal will finally become a reality, but it may take some time to make a noticeable impact on marketing budgets.

More money will flow to the content network and quality will improve – click fraud will still raise it head again.

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