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Google AdWords PPC – Optimising The Content Network

Google AdWords PPC – Optimising The Content Network

A blog post on the official Google Inside AdWords blog today was some helpful insight into some new initiatives to optimise the content network.

The blog post by the Inside Adwords crew comments "We're often asked, "How can I maximize the ROI from Content Network campaigns?"

As part of our new Optimisation University initiative, we've developed a Getting Started Guide and a series of 6 videos to help answer this question for you. The guide and videos provide a conceptual walk-through and demo of the major steps involved in executing a Content Network campaign.

These include:

Campaign setup best practices
Creating appropriate ad groups
Selecting effective keywords
Developing high impact ad creative
Bidding strategies
Conversion tracking and tweaking for ROI

Along with simple tips and tricks to improve ROI, we also go over several tools, such as the Wonder Wheel, the Keyword Tool and Conversion Tracking, that can help you be more efficient. These recommendations are based on our analysis of thousands of campaigns to understand what works and what doesn't. We hope you can start applying them to your campaigns today.

If you're starting a new Content Network campaign, watch the first video below; you may find it to be particularly valuable.

The content network has for a long time been a massive opportunity for Google if it can get the quality right; this initiative from Google will only go to help improve the quality.

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