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5 Topspot Marketing Spring Clean Ideas

5 Topspot Marketing Spring Clean Ideas

A recent report from the Consultancy group found UK businesses are set to increase their digital marketing budgets by around 17 per cent this year. With this in mind what is your business doing online to prepare for the extra competition?

We have come up with five new and fresh approaches to look at your digital strategy and squeeze out extra performance. Spring Cleaning has never been so profitable!

(1) Twitter Marketing
Firstly if you have don't have a Twitter account for your brand set one up and actively engage with your customers. This not only provides great awareness of your product to a new audience but the process of active communication with your existing base will give a fresh look at your business. If you are a large company and have an established Twitter campaign, re-evaluate the returns on a regular basis. Firstly from actual visitors that arrive via this medium and secondly the brand uplift your investment has archived.

(2) Adwords PPC Campaign
Are you measuring to RIO/ROAS at a keyword level on your AdWords campaign? If not why not? no excuse the quicker your campaign gets to this level the more effective your overall marketing campaign will become.

(3) On-Page Website Optimisation
Spring is great time to review the very foundations of a website, aspects such as navigation, footer text and old code are things that sometimes get overlooked throughout the course of a business year. TIP: Get an outside agency (friend/ business associate) to review your website and provide you with good honest feedback.

(4) Linking Strategy
Relevancy and effectiveness are the watchwords of the day with linking; if a website doesn't look relevant to your product range OR it doesn't look like it would generate much traffic - Then spring clean away! try and remove the link if it is under your control.

(5) PR
How do you measure the effectiveness of your PR efforts? Brand uplift? Sales? or actual visitors? With press its important to measure its impact over a wider time frame i.e. weeks rather than hours.

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