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Employers Turn To Web Following Ash Cloud Fall Out

Employers Turn To Web Following Ash Cloud Fall Out

Seems as though businesses are turning to the Internet to help communicate with their employees during the ash cloud crisis.

Twitter has become the quickest method for employees to get updates on the drift of the recent ash cloud and what it means to its employees. The recent twitter tag of #ashcloud has an array of travel information shared amongst the Internet population.

Whilst thousands of UK citizens have spent another night stranded abroad without any assurances of imminent repatriation; chaos, disruption and uncertainty is having painful consequences to UK businesses. With this cloud of volcanic dust failing to show any signs of clearing, and airlines still grounded, it is feared that the cost to the UK economy as a whole will continue to rise.

"A number of concerned employers have contacted our Helpline" says Andrea O'Hare of Citation PLC, "seeking advice and assurance on how to manage those employees who are unable to physically attend work, and how to deal with those whose holidays have been subject to last minute cancellations.

In these circumstances, employers are advised that they have no obligation to pay those employees who are unable to return home, however, our clients are reminded to use their own discretion in relation to allowing holiday extensions.

For those workers who have been unable to travel, many companies already have a procedure in place to cover situations where annual leave is cancelled and they should ensure that their decisions are consistent with their current policy".

Citation's compliance solutions in employment law provide SMEs with 24/7 advice and ongoing support to deal with situations like these enabling employers to easily demonstrate they have followed the necessary procedures.

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