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Online Marketing: Google Internet Stats

Online Marketing: Google Internet Stats

If your like me and (1) love digital marketing and (2) love statistics; well your in luck; digital stats of all description are available now with the new Internet Stats site from Google.

Selina Rennie from the Agency Team posted on the official Google site a description of how the site will work and what its hoping to achieve. Seleina comments "This Google resource brings together the latest industry facts and insights. These have been collected from a number of third party sources covering a range of topics from macroscopic media trends to how consumer behaviour and technology are changing over time."

For example get your jaws round these little pearlers
1) The online alcoholic drinks market has doubled in size over the past five years, going from a niche £370 million in 2005 to £745 million in 2009

2) The average UK shopper spent £1,102 online in 2009, and the UK overall spent £38bn more than any other European nation, accounting for almost a third of all online sales in Europe. Online shopping also made up 10 per cent of all retail sales in the UK

3) In April 2010, Google received 4.1 billion search page views in the UK

Its a interesting site this and mainly because I would hazard a guess that the content is being sourced via automatically and also amazing the stats have very little reference to Yahoo, Bing or Facebook. Who would have thought that? :)

What a look for yourself? Google Internet Stats

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