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Your Online World Cup and Employment Law?

Your Online World Cup and Employment Law?

Internet focused staff these days have a massive distractions for procrastination and the world cup is becoming the daddy of all distractions. How do you work WITh you online staff to get the best out of them?

Interesting snippets on how to help your business during the barmy (army!) season

Employment Law compliance experts Citation have found an increasing number of our clients are anxious about how best to prepare for any disruptions to their business that the world cup may cause over the forthcoming month.

There are a number of actions that businesses can consider in order to minimise disruption. Citation advise that clients communicate the businesses stance on some or all of the following to ensure that all employees are clear about the company’s expectations of them whilst working during the tournament:

* Holiday: if employees wish to take holidays to watch matches, they must request annual leave in accordance with the company’s holiday policy, which should be granted in accordance with operational requirements.

* Options to consider: unpaid leave, shift swaps, extended lunch breaks, flexible start and finish times or allow staff time off to watch the games but make up the time later. Careful thought should be given before employers allow changes to working patterns

* TV equipment: consider providing television equipment for employees to watch in the workplace to prevent excessive absenteeism, bearing in mind current TV licence requirements and health, safety and welfare implications of people at the premises.

* IT, Email and Internet: remind employees about the company’s IT and email policies and the stance on watching matches online, visiting online football communities websites and gambling online or in the workplace.

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