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Bing "Decision" picks up on sports craziness

Bing "Decision" picks up on sports craziness

Legendary NBA player LeBron James has tough decision to make today - where to spend the next few years of his life shooting hoops. This decision is on the lips of every sporting American today and so much so the man himself will be having his own TV show live on ESPN to announce his decision.

Now coming from sunny England this sounds a little strange, a possibly a sign of things to come for our sporting stars, but interesting thing for me was the way Bing has aligned themselves to gain some much need publicity.

Lisa Gurry, Bing, Director commented on the official blog "We are excited to be a part of LeBron’s important day and to be the official decision engine of the site LebronJames.com and one of the presenting sponsors of "The Decision" program.

Microsoft has a long-standing relationship with LeBron, including the launch of a website in 2007 – LeBron.msn.com, which was an inspirational, storybook-style Web site for kids and teens, that allowed people to explore his road to athletic achievement, his dedication to basketball and academics, his devotion to his team, friends and family, and his role as a community activist and people’s champion. The site won a Webby, the Internet's version of an Oscar, for "Best Visual Design" in 2007.

Bing offers many features for sports fans, including instant answers for NBA athletes, like LeBron, as well as late-breaking news, video, social search results and more. Bing is thrilled to support LeBron on his journey, and most importantly, raise funds for the Boys and Girl’s Club via our sponsorship of "The Decision".

Just in case you were wondering LeBron will be making his decision on a special program, "The Decision," which airs live this Thursday, July 8, at 9 pm. My guess is he will go to the New York Knicks. Stay tuned.

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