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Online Sales Jump 18%. Can this all be down to a bit of rain?

Online Sales Jump 18%. Can this all be down to a bit of rain?

IMRG today announced that internet sales during July have grown at the fastest pace since before the recession began in 2007.

IMRG is an industry body for global e-retailing and the IMRG Capgemini Index results come from analysis of online sales of over 100 retailers in the UK.

The figures show that online sales for July were up 18% on the figures for July 2009 with many reports today blaming the wet weather for keeping shoppers at home.

While there is no doubt that shoppers are more likely to shop from home during periods of inclement weather and that the 18% rise from July 09 can be partially attributed to the unusually wet weather we have all experienced during July it by no means tells the whole story.

Overall retail sales grew by 1.1% from June which we all remember was a very hot month which indicates that wet weather doesn’t put too many people off going to the high street.

The bigger story seems to be that online retailers are coming out of the recession in a stronger position than their high street counterparts and are set to continue to increase their overall share of the retail sector.

“Although online retail sales survived the recession more convincingly than High Street sales, the last two years or so have no doubt been shaky at time.”

“It is really encouraging to see growth levels returning to those seen pre-2007 and before consumer confidence was knocked by the financial crisis and the recession” said Chris Webster from Cap Gemini, which publishes the online sales index with IMRG

Whatever the reason for the dramatic 18% growth from July 09 it seems that the recession is coming to an end for the online retail market even if some other sectors of the economy are in trouble.

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