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Can The New Twitter Help Your Business? #Newtwitter

Can The New Twitter Help Your Business? #Newtwitter

The new twitter interface is being billed as "easier, faster, and richer experience" but ultimately what do it mean to your businesses online marketing strategy?

The new design? Well its more a tweak (or should I say tweet) that something fundamental - but the new design will make browsing twitter much more user friendly.

The new features waiting are expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks - a brief description of teh update can be found below.

Sleek New Design - make its easy to find @mentions, re tweets, searches in relation to you particular tweet. Your twitter homepage with be split into two sections - the first will be the regular twitter content whilist the second will contain much more interactive in relation to your tweet

Discover Related Content - When you now click a single Tweet, the details pane on the right shows additional information related to the author or subject. For people using and iPad / iiPhoien application you will be used to the ease of which you can drill down into a tweet to find out more information about author / addition Tweets etc

View Photos and Videos - By far the most important feature of this upgrade is the new is the ability to view photos and videos in the interactive panel for each tweet. These feature have been available on Twitterlator and other application and nice to see this useful feature progress onto the web version.

Mini Profiles Recap - clicking on username will now bring up a brief synopsis of the user and its profile

A video of the new feature can be found below.

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