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Ryanair Takes ihateryanair.co.uk Domain Name

Ryanair Takes ihateryanair.co.uk Domain Name

It’s the airline we all love to hate but Ryanair have won a dispute to take the ihateryanair.co.uk domain name. It was ruled that Robert Tyler, the unhappy Ryanair passenger who set up the website that criticises the airline had to handover the domain name as he had made £322 from commercial links. By accepting money from advertisers and affiliates on the back on Ryanair’s trademarked name, Tyler broke the company that registers domain names - Nominet’s terms of policy upon registration of the website. The adjudicator said that Tyler made the money through increased traffic to the site, generated through the use of Ryanair in the domain name and the airline’s reputation; was the only reason for the handover.

This means it was not down to the highly critical content about Ryanair, an expert said the .uk domain should be able to host sites criticising companies and are “essential in a democratic society”.

Tyler has not been deterred from his cause and has since moved his site to ihateryanair.org and will continue to provide the latest news on – in his words – the world’s most hated airline, without the use of paid for adverts.


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