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3 Stories Making The News This Lunchtime

3 Stories Making The News This Lunchtime

Three online marketing news making waves online today include -

Google Wind and Wave Power - The big G announced that it is likely to be investing "tens of millions of dollars" in the Atlantic Wind Connection, on top of a prior $40m investment in windfarms in North Dakota


Rumours that AOL is looking to buy Yahoo - AOL and possibly some private-equity firms looking to at the idea of buying the grand old daddy of search Yahoo - Shares in Yahoo jumped 13% to $17.23 after an initial bump of 5.7% yesterday on the Nasdaq Stock Market.


Twitter Crime - Manchester police force tweets every incident in 24 hours - The police force is typing in every incident it deals with for 24 hours on the twitter website on Thursday to highlight the amount of work officers deal with in the face of imminent spending cuts. Two people are tasked with updating the feed.


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