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Growing Trend: Mobile Search in the Travel Industry

Growing Trend: Mobile Search in the Travel Industry

A shift towards increased use of mobile technology, especially the use of Smartphones for mobile search will have a huge impact on the travel industry. Google's view is when, not if mobile devices will overtake the desktop as the web access point of choice for users. Businesses will have to consider how much time and funding to invest in focusing on mobile technology. Not enough focus may disadvantage them by loss of connection with the target market, whereas too much focus may lead to miss direction of resources.

More sophisticated devices and location based applications are being developed all the time; this will soon enable travel booking to happen anywhere, at anytime. Businesses and mobile web users will be able to make their communications more relevant to where the traveller is located at any given time.

Thetrainline.com has recently launched a series of apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and Android devices to revolutionise the purchasing of train tickets. Passengers will now able to buy their train tickets at anytime and at any place, using the app which will update the user's account and deducts the fare from their bank account. It also has an optimised mobile website launched 3 years ago; it is planning to re-launch this to enable customers to make transactions in the next few months.

Over the next year mobile web will play a major part in the travel industry as social and web browsing trends are set to change. The mobile market is starting to gain serious momentum; its growth opportunity is far too large to be ignored.

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