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UK SEO Company's Battle of the Biscuit Cook Off

UK SEO Company's Battle of the Biscuit Cook Off

When not concentrating on optimising client websites to the top page of Google, HitSearch, a Liverpool based SEO Company have started to perfect their cookery skills with monthly cook-offs. The friendly competition started with office banter about who could make the best chilli. Eventually, HitSearch team members held each other to a cook-off which has been a regular occurrence ever since, never failing to cause controversy.

Today, the cook off theme was biscuits and involved 5 team members and an outsider, the resident security guard. Marketing exec, Sandra Cooper won with her own delicious take on the classic rocky road biscuits. Although opinions still differ on whether the chocolaty treat is in fact classed as a biscuit. Cooper quoted "the competition was very heated this month, but my rocky road biscuits were a real hit, I am now offering cooking lessons to the rest of the team".

For Children in Need on November the 19th, the HitSearch team have held their neighbours, a local accountancy firm, Pinpoint to a charity cook off. Due to the success and high standards of previous competitions the HitSearch team are confident of winning the next baking battle. It will certainly create a lot more controversy, banter and will of course raise money for charity.

Andy Donaldson (one of the HitSearch Directors) ‘A ‘cook off’ really builds team morale and camaraderie which is of great importance to us here at HitSearch. If we can help our local and national charities at the same time – then even better! ’

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