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Why your Business can benefit from a Professional Digital Marketing Agency

Why your Business can benefit from a Professional Digital Marketing Agency

To understand the benefits of using a professional Digital Marketing Agency you must first look at the nature of how business works online. If you are looking to sell products or market your company online you essentially have three separate avenues which you can explore, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) and Affiliate Marketing.

Each of these is a specialist area which will take months, if not years, of dedicated training and research for an individual to become skilled enough to market a business online and each of them individually is potentially a new revenue stream, especially for a company that has never focused on their online business before.

For medium sized businesses this can be very problematic as usually they will look to employ someone in-house to handle the online side of their business. Who do they employ, an SEO specialist, someone with a background in PPC management or an Affiliate marketing specialist? If they are looking for someone with a strong background in all three then they should expect to be paying a very large salary indeed.

If as a business you employ a person with an individual speciality then this is potentially a serious strategic error. Is your SEO specialist able to maximise the revenue from a PPC campaign? If not you may be paying more for every click than if you had a dedicated PPC specialist onboard.

Is your PPC specialist able to effectively optimise your site so you maximize your organic search rankings? Remember 1st page organic searches account for an estimated 75% of clicks as opposed to 25% for the sponsored listings. How much business could you potentially miss out on?

Are you even the right person to decide which avenue would be the most effective way to market your company online?

The growth of specialist Digital Marketing Agencies is because many companies, from the smallest start-ups to the largest corporations in the country, can see that these strategic decisions and the effective implementation of online campaigns is crucial to future business growth.

Employing an agency that has in-house SEO, PPC and Affiliate specialists means that you don’t miss out on maximising the potential for your company online and most importantly you have an online campaign that is based on sound strategic decisions.

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