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Online Marketing Predictions for 2011 – Affiliate Marketing Predictions

Online Marketing Predictions for 2011 – Affiliate Marketing Predictions

- 2011 is set to be a difficult year for large-scale content affiliate sites, with Google starting to push bigger brands in the listings.

- This will be a real boom year for upper affiliates, and Affiliate Networks will be successful for super affiliates on an exclusive basis, employing exclusive retention teams.

- Clients will develop multi-skilled affiliate teams to help develop their in-house networks.

- The above two points will result in three UK affiliate networks going bust this year.

- Closer relationships between super-affiliates and their clients will create a more difficult relationship between clients and networks.

- Voucher codes will becoming more visible in the UK, and will begin to be featured in mainstream TV advertising.

- Local-based affiliate advertising campaigns will become much stronger in 2011, and more integral to the overall affiliate campaign. Affiliates will jump on new technologies unveiled by content providers.

- The 2011 boom in mobile commerce will see mobile affiliate marketing becoming a growing revenue stream for clients; QR codes will become a mainstream icon, and will start to appear in tee shorts aimed at students, who will see it as "cool art".

- Social gaming and social networking sites will see a noticeable influx of large scale super-affiliates.

- Determining ROI and tracking issues will still be the dominant issues for clients in 2011.

- The UK government’s involvement in affiliates will become apparent, particularly in the areas of customer privacy and transparency.

- Group buying will make some noise in the UK, but it will be at least 2012 before it hits the mainstream.

- Affiliate marketings campaigns will become much more global this year, and clients will have to compete with increasing competition from overseas clients.

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