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Online Marketing Predictions for 2011 – Internet Legislation Predictions

Online Marketing Predictions for 2011 – Internet Legislation Predictions

- 2011 will be a defining year for government involvement in online affairs, whether we like it or not.

- In America, the Federal Trade Association’s "Do Not Track" proposal is set to "promote privacy, transparency, business innovation and consumer choice", which will lead to the Government placing extra legislation on companies to promote privacy and protection. This could become a burden to businesses, depending on how heavy-handed the DNT proposal is executed.

- Greater ISP regulation will be proposed by the British Government in 2011, with a bid to block access to internet porn sites at ISP level already being suggested by some MPs.

- An embarrassing online incident will expose how underprepared the UK Government is for so-called "internet warfare". In a move the press will label "the Assange effect", fame-hungry hackers will look to publish their date directly, rather than waiting for leaks to be passed onto them.

- Relationships between the world’s governments and payments engines such as PayPal will become more and more strained in 2011.

- It is estimated that around 25% of the British population download files illegally, and the British record industry will be the driving force behind the closure of illegal downloading sites and P2P servers hosted in the UK.

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