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Online Marketing Predictions for 2011 – Reputation Management Predictions

Online Marketing Predictions for 2011 – Reputation Management Predictions

- Bing will incorporate Facebook updates into its search results, providing the ability to manage your online reputation amongst the general public.

- Content-based providers will develop a procedure to remove content that is more established compared to 2010.

- Online reputation management will become more mainstream this year, and will be increasingly seen as a vital aspect of any marketing campaign.

- Facebook will introduce more controls to its interface, as well as launching an awareness campaign to make sure their users know all about them.

- The increase in local-based searches and marketing activity could lead to businesses claiming the wrong listings; the customer service departments of the larger content sites will be able to provide adequate cover to respond to this.

- Reputation management will involves more input and reviewing of media other than text; video, audio and images will all need to be monitored.

- The continued growth of Twitter will continue to cause issues for large and small brands alike.

- Monitoring the reputation of your competition, and integrating what you learn into your overall marketing strategy, will become commonplace this year.

- PR companies that successfully integrate reputation management into overall PR strategies will be the most successful in 2011.

- Reputation management will become a larger consumer and research tool for SMEs.

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