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Online Marketing Predictions for 2011 – Mobile & Cross Platform Predictions

Online Marketing Predictions for 2011 – Mobile & Cross Platform Predictions

Mobile Predictions in 2011

- Payments via mobile will become more likely in 2011, but will not become common place until 2012. Apple (iPhone 5), Samsung (Bada 2.0) Google (Nexus) have all plans to support Near Field Communications (NFC) in 2011.

- Coca Cola or Pepsi will link with one of the major smartphone providers to allow purchases to be made via the phone. A successful case study will push this concept to the front of mind, and will push growth in 2012.

- Nokia has already stated that it will add the NFC software to its smartphones in 2011.

- Apple will be linking products as well as applications to its iTunes payment store.

- Mobile browsers will be used less frequently in comparison to smartphone applications - why browse the BBC website when you can use a BBC application?

- There will be much more design to allow for offline browsing in 2011.

- The subject of malware, phishing attempts and fraud will plague all mobile providers in 2011. Watchdog, BBC’s flagship consumer affairs show, will highlight these in the 2nd quarter of the year.

- Apple’s MobileMe platform will be an essential tool for Apples mobile products, and this subscription-based model will provide additional steady revenue for Apple throughout 2011.

- Meanwhile, Google's Android mobile platform will by the key drive in its share price; Android captured 22% of the market on mobile platforms last year. Google will partner a large mobile supplier to make payments via NFC a reality in 2011 - but don’t expect any traction until 2012.

Cross Platform Predictions in 2011

- HTML 5 will allow for a more strategic view of the web creative, to function over multiple platforms.

- The planning and delivery of resources that are required to develop cross platforms will be more crucial than ever this year.

- The increasing need for cross platform support and measurement will fuel the demand for CRMs and Marketing Management Systems.

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