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Future of Social Media for UK Retailers

Future of Social Media for UK Retailers

A study has found that only 4 percent of the UK's top 100 retailers have integrated shopping function within their Facebook "fan" pages as clothes retailer, Asos announced it is set to launch its first Facebook store later this month.

Through launching a Facebook store, Asos's is taking advantage of its millions of "fans" who already interact with the store via Facebook. Asos's Facebook store is a trail blazer for the retail industry, 65 of the top 100 companies currently have Facebook pages, more will be following Asos's footsteps throughout 2011. In the past, retailers have used Facebook as a shop front, directing their "fans" to their website to make the final transaction. Developing stores on Facebook will provide an easier platform for customers to make their purchase with fewer clicks and a more direct way to make their purchase.

James Hart, Asos ecommerce director said "at the moment the Facebook shop doesn't have real targets as such but in theory fewer clicks and barriers to purchase should mean greater conversions. We'll have to see if it does lead to increased sales,"

Andy Redfern, HitSearch Director added “Social commerce will be a growing area of online marketing throughout 2011. ASOS and Facebook a very similar demographic a lot of other large companies will be keeping a close eye on this campaign this year.”

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