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Location sharing taken to the next level with Facebook Deals in the UK

Location sharing taken to the next level with Facebook Deals in the UK

Facebook has launched its deals application today, offering users in the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain that “check in” discounts on high street brands. This follows its success in the US after it launched in November 2010.

Facebook deals is a cross between location sharing application FourSquare and Groupon, the popular daily discount site, using the mobile location application to incentivise users to log into the social network to receive discounts at local restaurants and shops. It is Facebooks first major move into the mobile market, which is said to be its biggest growing sector.

Brands that are partnering the launch include Yo! Sushi offering 2000 free dishes, Mazda giving away 5 cars a month and 20% discount on selected models, Starbucks, Debenhams, Argos and Alton Towers.

Facebook places and deals encourage users to share experiences with their friends which are seen in their newsfeed adding more user engagement to the platform. Facebook pages already attract higher volumes of traffic compared to brands websites with Coca Cola seeing 270,000 monthly visitors on its own sites whilst it had 22.5 million visits to its Facebook page. Google has also announced it will be launching a similar location based offers site simiar to Facebook's. This latest move further signifies printed advertising may be nearing its end as digital marketing becomes more advanced.

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