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Bing takes step to make search results more social

Bing takes step to make search results more social

Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine is about to make its search results even more social. The search engine has been working in partnership with social media giant Facebook since October 2010. In the last few weeks, Bing has taken the move to integrate Facebook with the search results even further. While the “liked” results function was released in October last year, friends who “liked” the result are now listed directly under it. Social recommendations hasn’t quite launched yet but when it goes live, social recommendations will be integrated into normal search behaviour when it comes to selecting results.

A toolbar has also been launched to appear at the bottom of Bing, displaying Facebook notifications and messages. This is the Bing Bar browser toolbar.

Google took the route of integrating Twitter’s live feed into Search results although the advantage of Bing’s link with Facebook is users do not have to connect their account with the search engine to view “liked” results, it has also the advantage of Facebook’s large user base giving the opportunity for many more people to see social results via the searches.

With Facebook content absent from Google, it may lose users who want to browse results with aid of their friends “likes” to the Bing platform.

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