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Rise of DIY Social Networks

Rise of DIY Social Networks

Platform makers like SocialGO are becoming more popular amongst specialist groups. The social network market is becoming more accessible and new, more specialised networks are being formed. SocialGO costs from nothing to $149 a month for a “concierge” plan, it provides "point and click" templates for anyone to use when creating their own social network.

Although it still remains popular, the monopolised social network concept is becoming dated and inefficient. The concept has been around for years with Friendster, LinkedIn and MySpace all before Facebook and Twitter. Logging into Facebook and looking through "statuses" of hundreds of “friends” that a user no longer has anything in common with is anything but rewarding. However, given the ability to create your own social network based on specific interests, or even joining one or several of these specialised social networks is a much more rewarding concept and way of spending time online.

Something bigger and better than Facebook is bound to come onto the scene soon. The idea of no longer using a single site to socialise but using several specialised sites could just be it. Fan clubs, professional associations, political campaigns, charities, hobbyists and online congregations will all benefit from their own specialist social networks. People will be able to socialise online with people they actually have something in common with, making social networking rewarding once again.


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