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Paid for links in Tweets – New World of Social Media Advertising

Paid for links in Tweets – New World of Social Media Advertising

Charlie Sheen is on everyone's lips at the moment, he has been the most talked about person or thing of interest on blogs, social media sites and internet only news sites between January 1st and March 8th. However his Tweet about hiring an intern has opened up another type of Social Media Advertising. He was paid by internship.com to mention them in the Tweet with link to their website. The message read "I'm looking to hire a winning INTERN with TigerBlood,"

The outspoken actor joined Twitter last week it took him a day to reach a million followers on Twitter and by Tuesday 8th March he had reached 2 million. The media attention surrounding the actor has brought social media advertising into the lime light, which previously has gone unnoticed. Celebrities are paid from $1000 upwards per Tweet with pricing often based on the number of clicks the advertiser gets.

This trend can only get bigger as celebrity Tweeting is becoming increasingly popular and the driving source of social media. Celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton where amongst the 24,000 celebrity endorsements from 2010 that helped to raise $6 million in venture capital for the 150 associated brands. Brands will piggy back on the most talked about and the most outspoken celebrities via social media to leverage their message to the millions of fans and supporters.


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