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Ethical SEO is the Only Way

Ethical SEO is the Only Way

More companies and website owners are beginning to realise the importance of ethical "white hat" search engine optimisation methods rather than ”black hat” illegal methods which are bound to be found out in the end.

Black hat methods include the use of invisible text to attract a search spider to pick it up certain key words inbedded in the text to appear high in search results. Such methods come to the disapproval by most businesses around the world, whereas white hat, or ethical SEO tactics are becoming much more popular as a way to getting to the top of search engine results.

This is mainly due to the fact that website owners have discovered that unethical techniques will soon be found out and may even be barred from appearing in search results. Using ethical techniques will eventually bring in large amounts of search traffic and ensure your website stays in search engine results, making the method worth the patience.

White hat SEO techniques include link building, which includes linking your website to other websites as search engines such as Google are favourable towards websites which have more inbound links. Regularly updating content also draws attention from search engines. When search engines realise your website is genuine, by using white hat SEO techniques, you will see a vast increase in the number of visitors to your website.

These methods are reliable, safe and will eventually give first page appearance in search engines. Unethical practices, whilst giving quick success at first, your website will eventually end up banned from appearing in search engines all together. This will result in very little traffic in the long term.

Patience is the key to successful search engine optimisation, while ethical practices may not show fast results, they will reward in the long term with first page appearances and high search traffic.


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