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Poke Me; Skype Me? Skype To Be Plugged Into Facebook?

Poke Me; Skype Me? Skype To Be Plugged Into Facebook?

Reuters has today reported that Facebook are rumoured to be in talks with Skype to integrate its web video conferencing service into the booming social network.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Chief Executive, has been reported to be directly involved in the conversations about a potential joint venture, which would ultimately see Facebook become much more of an interactive communication medium.

The possibilities for Facebook's 500 million active users gaining access to the Skype video conferencing facilities would be an attractive notion for both parties. Skype seeing an automatic increase in its user membership and Facebook becoming more than just a "textual communication" site as well as sharing any revenue from the Skype call facilities.

Google are said to be interesting in partnering with Skype for a similar joint venture but Facebook seems the likely of the two. Its rumoured that Skype has parked its IPO until the latter half of 2011.

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