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HitSearch Launch Service To Track Telephone Calls With OnlineCallTrack

HitSearch Launch Service To Track Telephone Calls With OnlineCallTrack

HitSearch's new tracking tool called OnlineCallTrack which give marketing teams the ability to track calls and more importantly offline sales generated by online marketing campaigns.

HitSearch Directors Andrew Donaldson and Andrew Redfern commented "This bespoke proprietary technology can track effectively where on the web your telephone calls are originating.

For example, if you wanted to know how many customers searched for your brand name or specific products name before calling your business, OnlineCallTrack will allow you to be able to do just than.

OnlineCallTrack's ability to allocate marketing channels more effectively makes it a must for all clients."

OnlineCallTrack Benefits are as follows

  • Installation - One simple piece of JavaScript into your website is all that required to install OnlineCallTrack
  • Insight - Get a greater insight into your telephone calls; what online marketing activity is driving offline conversions?
  • Flexibility - Track all aspects of your online media - PPC, SEO, Display or Affiliates
  • Reporting - Integrates easily into a established marketing procedures
  • Cost - Easy and affordable to set up
  • Ease of Use - Dovetails with you existing telecommunication procedures

Onlien Call Tracking

If you are interested in learning how OnlineCallTrack can assist your business then call 0845 643 9289 to speak to one of our experts.

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