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Googles Social Search Roll Out Could Transform SEO By Increasing Importance Of Social Media

Googles Social Search Roll Out Could Transform SEO By Increasing Importance Of Social Media

Google have now rolled out globally their new social search facility which will alter the search engine listings for browsers who are logged into their Google accounts.

This service was initially launched in 2009 in a few countries but has just been launched around the globe in another 19 languages which indicates this is a service which will become an increasingly important over the next few years.

Social Search alters the search results by combining regular search results with recommendations and other data created on social media by people who you have connections with in your Google account or other publically available social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Google is the most successful search engine precisely because browsers trust them to come up with the most relevant search for any particular query. This new service will only strengthen their position as they are combining their already formidable Search Engine with your actual friend’s recommendations which will only build trust.

This new service comes only a week after Facebook was forced to reveal it had hired a PR company to smear stories amongst news agencies and bloggers in order to damage the reputation of Google’s social search. It seems even the mighty Facebook see’s this new Social Media development as a potential long term threat.

This new development must also be seen as an opportunity for those looking to use search engine optimisation to increase visibility on Google, by boosting your companies Social Media visibility it can be possible to reach out to many more people not only via the Social Networks themselves but also via Google.

Back to the service itself, Yohann Coppel, a Google software engineer, explained the service on Google’s blog: “In 2009 we first introduced Social Search on google.com as an experimental feature designed to help you find more relevant information from your friends and the people you care about. Since then we’ve been making steady improvements to connect you with more people and more relevant web results. Today, we’re bringing Social Search to more users around the globe.

“If someone you’re connected to has publicly shared a link, we may show that link in your results with a clear annotation. So, if you’re looking for information about modern cooking and your colleague Adam shared a link about Modernist Cuisine, you’ll see an annotation and picture of Adam under the result. That way when you see Adam in the office, you’ll know he might be a good person to ask about his favourite modern cooking techniques.”

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