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Google launch their new Operating System, the Google Chrome OS

Google launch their new Operating System, the Google Chrome OS

Google have signalled their intent to revolutionise the world of operating systems with the launch in the UK and 6 other countries on the 15th June of the first computers that will use the new Google operating system.

The new operating system on these new hardware devices is Google’s Chrome OS which has been developed as the next step on from Google’s Chrome web browser.

Google are hoping the Chrome Operating System will see the start of a new generation of operating systems that are purely web based. The marketing buzz for the new system is “nothing but the web” and Google are hoping it provides a new model whereby the features of an operating system are mobile and can be used across a number of different devices.

The idea of a computer based almost entirely around web based applications and storage is not unique to Google with Apple launching the iCloud where all your music, applications, documents are all stored off your hardware. However Google’s very own cloud operating system is the most fully realised of all those that have yet been brought to market.

Combining its dominant position in Search with Googles growing strength in the browser market with Chrome means Google seems to believe it has the foundations to even challenge the dominance of Microsoft in the Operating System market.

With the number of searches from Mobile devices predicted to overtake those from computers by 2015 in many countries it is likely that more and more people will choose to access the web from systems and devices that do not have the requirement of a traditional operating system.

It may be that in the future most people will be able dispense with computers that are run via non web based operating systems and access everything they need from the new web based systems.

The new computers using Google’s system are being manufactured by Samsung and Acer with Samsungs Series 5 Notebook leading the way

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