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Twitter characters. Who is the king of the pretenders

Twitter characters. Who is the king of the pretenders

By the time you have finished watching episode one your favourite TV it is fairly likely the character names are already being grabbed. It's not spammers or cynical ebayers looking to cash in on merchandise, it will most likely be a twitter character being born.

A quick look reveals no less than three Robert Baratheons complete with three King Joffreys all dispensing witty parodies of HBO smash Game of Thrones.

"Had Ilyn tear out a few organs, made my fiancée look at her dad's severed head & had a guard beat her. A good day!" tweets "Joff" whilst his dad's Twitter alter ego laments marrying a Lannister and the fact that none of his children look like him. All in-jokes to bring a smile to fans of the show. Similarly the whole cast of characters from the BBC's Sherlock are to be found solving a light-hearted series of mysteries (and doing a fair bit of arguing amongst themselves).

It isn't limited to tv and movies, Wayne Rooney's son Kai has had a comedy online persona from the second he was born and Sam Allardyce, Arsene Wenger and Harry Redknapp all have numerous streams of consciousness satirising them. David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and inevitably The Queen all have their fake-personas as do Lord Voldermort and Narnia’s Snow Queen plus despite his recent brush with the American Special Forces “Osama Bin Laden” has never been as prolific.

Refreshingly the motivation for these accounts seems to be purely for the fun of it, you have to wonder what the victims of these sometimes biting satires think however for the rest of us it can provide a wry look at the world through the imagined eyes of your favourite public figure.

That these accounts are virtually all spam-free whilst Twitter is awash with bots and spam-bots highlights that despite being massively popular and ripe for monetarisation Twitter is still as irreverent and light as ever.

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