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Google Adwords – Reach the right audience with Interest Categories

Google Adwords – Reach the right audience with Interest Categories

Google have announced that they all advertisers have access to their behavioural targeting features in Google Adwords for their Display Network Campaigns.

First heard about in 2009, interest targeting has been used by a select few advertisers to make use of data collected by Google about search behaviour. Advertisers are now able to choose the right audience by targeting people with certain interests.

There are over a thousand categories to choose from, ranging from ecotourism to mobile phones. With over 500 million users interested in these categories who visit the Google Network websites, there a massive audience to tap into. Along with this new targeting feature, Google offer display network campaigns the option to target demographically too, with options to target by age and gender.

This means that advertisers can now target a niche audience such as Females aged 25-34 who are interested in designer handbags, making sure ads are only being delivered on relevant pages and to only relevant searchers.

Google state that their beta test went well, with some advertisers experiencing a 40% brand lift and another generating 400% more conversions at a lower advertising cost per sale. Google have made the whole service transparent and manageable, users can opt out of receiving interest-based ads with the Google Ads Preference Manager.

This new feature is a great addition to current and new PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, helping to increase relevancy and conversion rates. Contact Us for more information on setting up a PPC campaign.

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