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Google +1 or Google +1 billion?

Google +1 or Google +1 billion?

So reports recently from ComScore say that Google now has over one billion users per month. Quite a benchmark considering all the proevious trends data showed that Facebook's with it's phenominal growth figures had a realistic chance of overhauling the world search giant in terms of monthly usage.

That Google could find an extra 8% increase in usage across it's different sites shows that it is still very much at the cutting edge and moving forward all the time. If you stand still you go backwards and recent innovations such as the Google Panda update, aimed at establishing more reliance on on-site copy & optimisation for it's rankings, it's recent PageRank update and the global roll-out of it's new +1 button for voting up sites show that there is plenty more in the pipeline. Indeed, recent additions to it's stable have signalled moving into new territories with it's Chrome Operating System expanding upon the success of Google Android.

The +1 system in particular is of interest given the recent closing of the gap between Google and Facebook. The +1 button is very much aimed at taking search into social (or putting the social into search) by establishing a global voting system for sites in the search listings. It's +1 for sites system expands this allowing users of blogs and news sites to vote up articles and items of particular interest or merit. A crowdsourced future for search is analogous to social media in totally new way and shows more than ever that Google are paying attention to the Like & Share culture so popular with Facebook users.

Facebook itself continues to defy the doubters with 30% year on year growth despite recent reports that it's userbase was declining. Reaching a quarter of a billions users a month is a significant milestone. More significantly it is projected to reach $2 billion dollars of ad revenue in 2011, up over 80% on last year.

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