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Google+ …….. the future of Social Networking?

Google+ …….. the future of Social Networking?

Google is preparing to roll out its Google+ system globally, but what will this mean to Google’s users? Google+ is primarily a social project designed to help users of Google to quickly and easily interact with friends.

The new Google+ functionality will allow you to interact with your circle of friends, quickly and easily upload images direct from your android phone, share videos and connect and share information with your friends within the Google+ page.

The most noticeable amendment to Google’s design that many people will have noticed is the implementation of the black bar at the top of the page, which has been rolled out throughout almost all of the Google product range, except for gmail. The simple explanation for the change in colour is simply to draw the user’s attention to the various products/services that Google has to offer in addition to it staple offering of gmail and search.

The black bar has been designed to attract more people to try a host of existing products that Google has to offer including Google Docs, Google Shopping, Google Reader and many more products that will be rolled out in the short and long-term future. Additionally the more perceptive users of Google search will also notice that the URL of the page listing is displayed directly below the page title, instead of traditionally being below the meta-description.

In addition to the roll out of Google+, Google’s other product Google Maps is also in the process of being upgraded, with various design tweaks currently being implemented within this popular tool. This amends will be more subtle than the recent amend to Google’s search page with power users probably being the only people to notice the design tweaks that are being rolled out.

Only time will tell if the roll out of Google+ will provide a viable alternative to social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, but the social media "epidemic" shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

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