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Original, Good Quality Content is SEO Friendly Content

Original, Good Quality Content is SEO Friendly Content

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about populating the pages of your site with information so that the site is recognised by the search engines, as they trawl through cyberspace, and also be presented to the user as high in the results as possible.

We’ve all used internet search engines before, so we know that usually you’ll find what you’re looking for on the first page of your search results, and most probably at the top of the list. So, making sure that your site is as attractive as possible to the search engine’s scouts is of utmost importance.

When the search engines are rapidly hunting down and ordering relevant information, they’re doing it based upon the content; more specifically content that features the key words or key phrases which relate to the search. But simply having these key words or phrases on your page won’t necessarily cut it, because the search engine wants to present the user with the most useful information first.

The trick is to develop quality, well-written content as this will be trusted and rank highly within the engine. The more frequently that key words or phrases occur, the more relevant and useful your content will be deemed by the search engines, but only when these words or phrases occur naturally within the information.

If you’re going to copy and paste a bunch of key words that relate to the searches you want to feature in, you’re going to defeat the object of using them. Search engines are designed to recognise this type of information and flag it as not useful.

For the most successful SEO campaign, your pages need to contain as much good quality and original content as possible. It’s no good pinching a nice bit of text from a competitor’s site because a search will recognise this information as a duplicate, and that’s a one way ticket to the wrong end of the search listings.

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