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Time to Freshen Up Your Content for SEO

Time to Freshen Up Your Content for SEO

When somebody punches a set of words into a search engine, that engine immediately trawls the internet for relevant source material, looking for those words as its guide. But you’ll need more than just those words to show up on the first page of the subsequent search results.

Search engines order their returns so that the most reliable and relevant pages appear first. They ascertain which pages are best in a number of different ways. Search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, is the process of ensuring that your website ticks as many boxes as possible, making it attractive to search engines and more likely to be found by whoever ran the search.

Having lots of quality content, rich in all of the relevant keywords is fantastic, but another point that’s important to remember is that search engines like fresh material. Updating your content can greatly improve your rankings.

In many ways, when it comes to SEO, it really is a case of last come, first served. Fresh content adds to the relevance of your site in the eyes of your website. A great way to exploit this for your benefit is to introduce new, quality, relevant content to your pages on a regular basis.

The fresher your product, the more likely it is to rank highly within a list of relevant search results. The more regularly you freshen up, the more you optimise your potential visibility, regardless of when the search is made.

In a way, it’s almost as though you’re reminding the search engines that you’re still there and you’re still going to be helpful to whoever is running the search.

Don’t be forgotten. Stay fresh.

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