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Google Open to Integration with Other Social Media for Google+

Google Open to Integration with Other Social Media for Google+

Google has announced that it is open for forming a partnership with social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to integrate with their own recently-launched social networking site, Google+.

Speaking about Google’s new social network site during a media conference in Idaho, Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt said that the search engine giant would “love to have deeper integration with Twitter and Facebook.”

Former CEO Schmidt, who now oversees government affairs at Google, said that the initial response to Google’s new social media platform was positive, with internet users clamouring for “invitations” to try out Google+.

Schmidt also added that there was plenty of room for several social networking sites to co-exist, and that Google was “open” to forming a partnership with the existing sites.

However, he also explained that the company had recently been unable to renew its search deal with Twitter, while talks to allow Google+ users to import their Facebook contacts had also broken down.

One nation which has failed to embrace the new Google social network is China, who Google have had a long-standing and public dispute with. It has been revealed that China blocked access to the Google+ platform almost as soon as it was launched.

Speaking about China’s relationship with Google, Schmidt said: “We tell the Chinese what we know… and then they publicly deny their role. That’s all I have to say about that.”

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