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Capitalising on Viral News Stories For Your PPC Campaigns

Capitalising on Viral News Stories For Your PPC Campaigns

It’s difficult to go a day without seeing, hearing or reading about some interest-grabbing headline story in the news. As we go about our daily lives, we’re bombarded with up-to-the minute happenings of the most popular stories fronting newspapers the globe over. The current digital age means that these stories and names aren’t restricted to a physical paper anymore – we see it on our journeys across the internets every day. From checking emails to reading tweets, it doesn’t take much for stories to go viral.
Now this is unremarkable in itself, however, the interesting part comes when we realise it’s possible to take advantage of these news stories in our Online Marketing strategies; in particular, our PPC campaigns.
As you can imagine, Rupert Murdoch & News International has been smack bang in the centre of the public eye at the moment, people are talking about it and most essentially – searching for it. One advertiser made use of this traffic in an interesting way:

Another advertiser used the buzz around the Haye / Klitischko boxing match to their advantage:

Or how about the Carlos Tevez transfer?

By being creative with your PPC campaigns, it is possible to increase clicks and traffic by harnessing the power of the viral news stories. Your ads will find less competition and you’ll get huge impression rates. It’s unlikely you’ll find a great deal of conversions from these ads, but the knock-on effect could be great. Your primary targeted keywords and ad copy could see a boost, as people see your branding more often.
The opportunities change daily, so being reactive is key. These campaigns will have a short shelf life as all news stories tend to lose interest quickly, but while it’s trending there’s a great potential for garnering more traffic.

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