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Google Buys Competitor to Make Google+ Greater

Google Buys Competitor to Make Google+ Greater

Google has acquired fellow social networking site Fridge, according to the Fridge website, as Google implements a number of strategies to bolster its social media service since the launch of Google+.

The Fridge company announced that it had joined Google via its website, on Thursday, but the terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

Fridge is a social networking service providing "simple, personal networks that anybody can instantly create to share photos, messages and event with specific friends and groups". This ideal is obviously very complementary to Google+'s much talked about circles concept, which involves the creation of separate friend groups, or "circle's" so as to separate work networks and such from family and friends etc.

Using Fridge, social networkers could ensure that certain information would only be shared with an online group of their choice. These groups could be created instantly and were akin to writing a group text. This meant that groups would be built around interests rather than one to one connections which, in theory, would lead to deeper and more personal communication.

The Google+ circles idea is very similar and the acquisition of Fridge represents a major increase in Google's social networking potential.

Fridge has quite a pedigree, launched last August by a social media supergroup including Mitch Kapor, Naval Rakivant, Jim Young and other star names of the tech landscape. This experience and excellence will now contribute to the Google brand.

And this is not the only big acquisition that Google has made to bolster its social media technology. Tech Crunch reports that Google has also hired the team behind real time celebrity geo-stalking service JustSpotted and real time search engine Scoopler to work on Google+ and improve the service; a service which already looks to become a major competitor to Facebook in the social networking game.

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