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Create a Blog to Improve SEO on Your Site

Create a Blog to Improve SEO on Your Site

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is all about tailoring your site to ensure that it is picked up by search engines during relevant keyword searches and also ranks highly among the list of search results, preferably at the top of the first page.

When a user punches in a search, the search engine instantly sends its crawlers out into cyberspace to pick up on the relevant keywords involved. When compiling its returns the search engine judges each site by a number of criteria then presents them to the user in a numerical order. Some of the criteria used include relevance to the search terms, popularity and authority.

Another very important factor is freshness.

To ensure that the user receives the most up to date information, search engines favour sites with fresh content and so long as it ticks enough of the other boxes, a site with recently updated information will be given favour over one that’s effectively gathering dust.

The straightforward solutions is to constantly produce fresh content for the site, but depending on the product or service involved, this might not be possible for some sites.

If the content of your site rarely changes, the site needs a blog, because those search engine crawlers are always hungry for fresh text. Providing them with fresh content is a sure fire to ascend the search result listings for your chosen subject.

Provided it makes sense, enrich all of your fresh blog entries with the relevant keywords and phrases that you want to utilise, and most importantly of all, add fresh content at frequent intervals.

Blog at least three times a week with good, fresh content, even if it means keeping the entries relatively short and sweet. You’re writing a blog, not a sequel to War and Peace, and it’s far more important to keep a steady stream of new material, than it is to develop painfully researched, earth-shattering internet journalism.

Have some fun with it. Just make sure you stay regular, and keep on feeding the crawlers with loads of fresh text.

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