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Avoid Stuffing Keywords Into Content for Great SEO

Avoid Stuffing Keywords Into Content for Great SEO

It should be so straightforward. A search engine user punches in a keyword or key phrase, hits search, and the search engine sends its spiders out into the worldwide web in search of the keyword or key phrase. So, if you want your website to turn up in that search, the best thing to do would be to literally stuff your pages with that keyword or key phrase, right?


There’s rather more to search optimisation, or SEO, than that.

Rather than copying and pasting your site’s relevant keywords a trillion times to try to get the search engine’s attention, try to use natural language throughout all of your text content. Search engine spiders are looking for keywords within natural and real context, because finding search results is only half of the job. The other half is ordering the results to ensure that the user receives the best results first.

If you stuff your text with keywords, you’re actually like to harm your search engine performance rather than improve it, because search engines will actually penalise attempted misuse of the system. Search engine spiders count and assess the amount of times a keyword or key phrase is included within your text content. If it deems this amount to be abnormally high, then your ranking within the search results will be affected.

The art of search engine optimisation is the process of including keywords within natural written language; and after all, if you’re website is genuinely relevant to the search topic this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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