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How to Get Your New Site Spidered for SEO

How to Get Your New Site Spidered for SEO

When you set up a new site, it won’t automatically get picked up by those all important search engines. Once your site is live there are a number of ways to introduce it to the search engines and get the search engine crawlers to run through your site. Then, so long as you practice good SEO, you have every chance of appearing high in search results.

In the case of Google in particular, which is after all the largest and most powerful search engine of them all, sites complete a submission form and then await confirmation from Google that the site has been confirmed and validated. From that point onward the sky is the limit so long as you optimise your page’s search engine performance.

The problem with submitting a sitemap to Google, to be crawled, is that it can take a long time to process. This can be a problem if you need results and need them fast. To get hits to your site as quickly as possible, there are other channels you can pursue to entice those search engine crawlers into your site.

One proven and powerful way to draw the crawlers in is to establish a link to the site within another quality site. The more powerful and popular the site, the better, because this site’s ranking will affect your own and draw the crawlers in.

Add your site’s URL to social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+, because this makes those URLs available to search engine crawlers sooner than the traditional channels

It is, however, important to bear in mind that unless you practice good SEO and tailor your pages to a high standard, you might find that getting search engine crawlers to your site quickly is one thing, but getting them to return quickly is another thing all together.

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