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Make Your Site Easy to use to Guarantee Good SEO

Make Your Site Easy to use to Guarantee Good SEO

One of the great debates in Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the question of whether it is more constructive to make your site user friendly or search engine friendly. Of course, the best bet is to compromise and find the middle ground between making a site that is simple for a human user while also very noticeable to the crawlers, sent out by the search engine, to root out relevant information.

It is possible to use some great contemporary software to design a cognitive, self explanatory website that a human user would have no trouble to navigate their way through. Maybe all of the links through each page would take the form of clear images or other visual stimuli and the site would require very little explanation. In this instance, however, the site is unlikely to win the attention of search engines, because the most crucial element of your site, in terms of demanding search engine attention, is text.

Searches are performed on the basis of keywords or key phrases, and this text is what search engine crawlers are canvassing for when the instantaneously dig up relevant sites for the user who punched in the search.

The opposite extreme, then, would seem beneficial in generating the interest of the search engines, without whom many users around the world may be unlikely to find your page. Designers could be tempted to produce volumes and volumes of quality, original, key word rich text in order to demand the attention of the search engine crawlers. But the drawback of over-doing it in this department is that it neglects one important factor: the average user attention span. Internet user want information, and they want it yesterday; they are not renowned for their patience, and are unlikely to stick around too long on a page that is difficult to navigate, confusing, or swamped in large bodies of text which users are reluctant to trudge through in order to find what they need.

If you are able to create a website that is clear and simple, users are likely to click through and visit multiple pages during their visit. This improves the site’s ranking when it comes to the order of search result. More page visits equals greater popularity which equals a higher position in the rankings. Making your site so simple that a user wants to visit it again on another occasion equals even greater popularity again.

The great SEO balancing act is creating pages which are straightforward, while still healthily stocked with keyword rich text. If you can do this you’re likely to perform will in SEO terms.

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