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The Power of .edu Domains in SEO

The Power of .edu Domains in SEO

One of the crucial components of a successful Search Engine Optimisation campaign is a useful link building strategy. Links from popular websites to your own can increase the number of visits to your site, improving your popularity and boosting your visibility to search engines.

If you do a good job of creating links which pay you back with plenty of useful traffic, you’re likely to not only be picked up by search engines, but also rank highly within their search results and that is crucial to the livelihood of your site.

There is more than one way that a link can have a positive effect on your search engine performance. A quality link, meaning one from a popular, established, respected site will serve to improve your own reputation by inference, which is tremendously valuable in increasing your position within search engine rankings. What’s more, if the link to your site from another has the capacity to generate a lot of traffic, your site will benefit from increased popularity and improved search engine visibility, which will also boost your position within the rankings.

As one of the original top-level domains, links from .edu domains are given nice weight by search engines, making them a useful place to establish a link to your page. The .edu domain, typically intended for accredited post-secondary educational institutions in the US, remains almost exclusively a top level domain. If you can fashion a link to your site from a .edu domain site, it could prove very fruitful indeed.

The best plan of action would be to run a search for possible non profit .edu sites that are looking for sponsors. A potential sponsorship is a likely means of promoting your site information, including a link to your page. This link could prove to be very beneficial to your SEO campaign and also represents a nice new branch in your sites burgeoning network of links.

True, you have something to gain personally from this ‘charitable’ sponsorship, but the name of the game is optimising your search engine performance, and in that respect, this technique could prove to be very valuable.

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